We believe that all sectors in Africa have a unique, strategic value proposition to contribute to this movement. We believe Africa has the talent and potential within the continent to build and grow sustainable supply chains. We are seeking to build a network of individuals and organizations on the continent which share the mission and the passion to power this movement.

Why join the movement?
Public sector

We support governments to achieve their public-health goals by providing independent strategic advice and access to a network of experts from all sectors that can bring new ideas and approaches to supply-chain transformation.

Private sector

We encourage collaboration within private-sector organisations to tap into their expertise, networks and practical experience on the ground, while providing a strategic opportunity to contribute to national transformation and engage employees meaningfully.

Donors and investors

We partner with donors and investors to improve the value-for-money equation by identifying opportunities for new investments, replicating effective solutions across countries, sharing knowledge and learning across countries, and injecting resources from other sectors to bolster existing investments.

Implementing partners

We work alongside NGOs and other implementing partners to align efforts and provide complementary resources that help to maximise impact.

Academia and professional associations

We collaborate with academia and professional associations to shape, connect and align the efforts and initiatives to work with governments and donor-transformation initiatives to build capacity and develop talent for supply chains in Africa.