Africa Resource Centre

The current situation

Across Africa, health supply chains exhibit weaknesses that restrict the availability of medicines and health products. This is due to major challenges such as poor infrastructure and asset optimisation and a lack of efficient strategic planning and human capacity, which limit countries’ ability to meet their health goals.

Supply chains have long been undervalued and underinvested. While major investments are being made across countries, the alignment of implementing partners is paramount to building strong, functional systems that reach the “last mile”. Additionally, within Africa, untapped pools of talent and expertise could contribute in significant ways to bringing new ideas and approaches to how countries serve all patients and communities effectively.  

How ARC supports countries to improve availability


We establish connections across various implementers working on different parts of the health supply system to gain efficiencies and draw lessons from other countries’ experiences


We inject expertise from independent experts, the private sector, academia and professional associations that complement transformation initiatives by bringing new ideas and approaches to the supply chain


We develop partnerships and networks that bring together the skills and expertise of all sectors by working together on large-scale transformation initiatives to achieve improved availability to patients

ARC culture and values

Everyone should have access to basic healthcare and medicines to live a healthy and productive life. We believe there is a rich base of supply chain talent on the continent with the capacity to transform public health supply chains in Africa. To this end, we seek to be an independent advisor to support Ministries of Health to enable them to build resilient supply chains that can assist to get medicines and health products to their point of need. Through connecting, complementing and collaborating with private sector, academia, donor organisations and implementing partners, ARC assists governments to meet their public health goals through meaningful partnerships.

The ARC culture is driven by agility and responsiveness that focuses on quality delivery. We are committed to building transparent and innovative partnerships with all our stakeholders. We remain steadfast in building trusted relationships through our commitment to growth, respect for diversity and learning, both internally and with our partners. Our modus operandi is intensive collaboration across the team to focus on outcomes. This is achieved via individual leadership, accountability and flexibility in ARC’s highly matrixed organization.